Minibox Worldsploring!

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So your story goes like this...

There once was a cute brown bug named
bug guy.
This bug was bored and curious, so they travelled to a land far away or whatever. Between two tall, mysterious rocks was a strange vehicle
whose origins are unknown.
There were some large plants growing in a shiny oval thingy. They tasted like
The adventure was a little uneventful at times. While sneaking past an unfinished wall, they remembered
things about how brains work.

In the Far East, they discovered that the reason for the roped spires was
elusive and impossible to figure out.
South of the Spires was a strange land. A pale blue glow in the distance led our traveller to a colossal structure. Upon closer inspection, they realized the pale blue glow was from
the mist surrounding it.
Nearby was a nearly abandoned city, large and sprawling. The civilians would not answer any questions about what happened to the city, but they did mention that the statue was of
some dude they met online.

There was a mountain with the most absurd nickname... What was it? Oh!!
That wasn't even the funniest part-- In that region, they call hurricanes
George Bush!
Luckily, our lil bug-venturer was safe. The way to the farm owned by
Stalwart McJr.
This farmer is the last producer of vintage BUGLES, and even grows the discontinued DAISYS and WHISTLES fresh off the vine. In fact, he had another farm a ways north, but it got closed down by the feds. On the official evictionolation notice, it only said:
"We Are Watching You"
Sometimes, where the ground turns magenta, these little blue spheres grow from the ground. When asked what they were harvested for, Stalwart McJr. said this:
"I'm afraid I can't tell you that."

After leaving the farm and heading south, they came across an awful sight. Something was being dumped into The Great Lake! On employee uniforms, exposed machinery, and snackbar wrappers flying in the wind was the name of the company:
®. A lingering smell grew stronger as the journey across the lake progressed. It smelled...
The mountain people on the other side were surprised at first to see a traveling bug. They mentioned that the fog coming out of the westernmost peak on the lake flowed into the canyon because...
the canyon is actually huge wind tunnel that was sliced in half.
It was hard to believe at first, but I trusted them. They had lived there for
much longer than me, of course.

The mountain people mentioned that many travellers had been searching for something past the mountain range to the East, but once the horizon had no more spikes in it, there ended up being a forest! Surprisingly, there was no one anywhere to be found. When nearing the forest, sounds of
voices and wind
filled the air.

A path through the forest forked in many directions, so our traveler resolved to follow the sound of a fountain. This led them to an empty plaza. There were merchant stands and other things suggesting this was a place for leisure, socializing, and trading, and yet there was nobody around. What they did see was
lots of coins in the fountain, ripe for the taking!!!
The air felt strange and wiggly, and so the decision was made to end the adventure here.

They went back home on a bus, eager to tell of their adventures. However, once arriving home, they realized some of the details were already getting mixed up in their tiny bug brain... What is going on? Before they could open their front door, a housemate did. "Oh, Steven!! How've you been!!!"
Steven? Who's Steven?? The world was starting to spin, a wave of vertigo passing over. They tried to speak, but all that came out was this...
And with that, Steven took his last breath.

Take a screenshot and throw it in the fountain to see your other timelines: